NOMAD began in 1989, driven by the determination and dedication of Jackie and Barrie. Jackie was a Sheffield single mum and Barrie was a single man experiencing homelessness. Both wanted to do something about the issues of homelessness that were prevalent in the city at that time. Requests for help were frequently met with a ‘NO’ which drove them both ‘MAD’. Hence the name NOMAD. NOMAD started in Jackie’s maisonette in Pitsmoor, run completely by volunteers. Over the recent years NOMAD has continued to flourish and develop, supporting more and more homeless people. Currently NOMAD has 72 rooms – 20 training flats and 52 private rented, with Four Trees Lettings looking into further properties to enable more support. 

Our Vision

Nomad believes that everyone has the right to live independently in safe, secure accommodation and to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

We aim to break the cycle of homelessness by empowering people to thrive in safe homes.

Nomad strives to support, empower and motivate people to access opportunities, achieve their goals, and live as they choose.

We are committed to:

  • Building and managing strong, trust-based relationships with clients and partner agencies.
  • Providing innovative housing and support services that address individual needs and help people to transform their lives.
  • Helping clients achieve independence so they can successfully manage their own tenancies and avoid becoming homeless.
  • Focusing on our clients’ strengths to help them trust in their capabilities and have faith in their potential.
  • Gathering feedback from clients which we use to develop and improve our services.
  • Measuring the impact of our work so we can demonstrate tangible results and value for money.
  • Adapting and developing our services to address economic and social changes that affect our clients.
  • Influencing change on a local and national level to improve access to decent, sustainable, and affordable accommodation for those who are in housing need.

Nomad strives to support, empower and motivate people to access opportunities, achieve their goals and live independently.

Case Studies

Learn about the amazing journeys of young people we’ve helped.

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