Beth’s Story

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Like many of our clients, Beth’s family life was fractured. She learned to become independent very early on, it was essential that she was able to take care of herself from a young age. When she was 22 she met a man who seemed to want to do that for her. He was kind and caring and wanted to protect her, care for her and be with her.

Subtly, over time, before Beth had even noticed, the care and protection turned into control and coercion. Wanted to be with her soon became Beth not seeing any body else. The family and friends she did have, were shut out by her partner. Eventually the house they lived in became a prison, the relationship became abusive.

It took 6 years for Beth to find the strength and courage to leave the relationship, and when she did, she was left with nothing. She had no job, she had nowhere to stay, and she had no friends or family to turn to. Her sense of self-worth had been stripped away along her financial independence. She was homeless.

After a stay in a women’s refuge Beth was referred to Nomad. She was moved into our Training Flats, where we could provide our highest level of support. Beth had daily visits from our housing officers who made sure she was looking after herself. They helped her claim the benefits she was entitled to, they made sure she went food shopping and had enough money to support herself.

With a safe home to build from Nomad began to help Beth to regain her confidence and sense of purpose. Beth was referred to our Progression and Development Officer who helped her to realise she had dreams and they could be fulfilled. Beth admitted she had always been happiest in the kitchen, and when she was younger, she had dreamed of becoming a chef.

Our Progression and Development Officer found Beth a voluntary position with Foodhall in Sheffield, she began to rediscover her passion and develop her skills. This led to her putting on a successful vegan fundraiser for the organisation and becoming an integral part of their team.

Meanwhile our housing team supported Beth with her application to the council to be considered for a small property in Sheffield, eventually she was successful. Beth was able to move into her own home.

Beth always made an effort to keep in touch with the team at Nomad and to let us know how she was doing. Our team delighted in seeing her succeed and build a life she would never have had if she has remained homeless. She was offered a job with the Gourmet Burger Company, here she met a man with whom she could have a healthy, respectful relationship. When things got serious between them Beth maintained her independence, keeping her job and her own home. This past year has been tough for her and her partner, both of whom have been furloughed, but Beth is determined to keep moving forward. Now she has a home, she and her partner are trying for a family.

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