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Rachel’s Resilience

Rachel was living in a hostel before she came to Nomad. Prior to this, she had been sofa-surfing for three years after leaving the family home at 16 due to abuse and suffering from severe depression and anxiety. Rachel had been experiencing bullying at the hostel, felt coerced into relationships, and over time became scared

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Robert’s New Rhythm

When Robert first came to us, he seemed down, battling with his mental health. After getting him settled into supported accommodation, we thought it would be good for him to pick up a productive hobby. He mentioned how much he’d like to learn to play the accordion, but he didn’t know where to start or

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Gerald’s Path To Success

When Gerald first reached out to Nomad, he found himself in the challenging position of sofa surfing. After supporting him into a shared accommodation, he discovered more than just a roof over his head. Through our support services, Gerald received assistance with crucial tasks such as accessing benefits, navigating housing registration with Sheffield City Council,

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Martin’s Story 

Martin’s arrival in the UK from Belgium marked the beginning of a daunting journey. With limited English proficiency and little knowledge of navigating life in a new country, he turned to us for help. Finding refuge in our Shared Accommodation, he began his journey towards stability.  Guided by our Housing and Progression Officers, Martin secured

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Jared’s Journey

Meet Jared, a compassionate former English teacher who, in his 20s, faced the harsh reality of homelessness. Life took an unexpected turn, and Jared found himself without a place to call home. Recognising the urgency of the situation, our dedicated team at Nomad stepped in to provide Jared with the support he needed. Through collaborative

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Young woman

Piper’s Story

Part of our celebration of LGBTQ+ lives and history Piper, a trans-woman, came to Nomad to flee her situation at home in which her relationship with her parents had deteriorated and she no longer felt able to stay at home with her family. To help Piper focus on the future she was set up with

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Abeo’s Story

Warning: This article may be a trigger for survivors of sexual violence or human trafficking. Abeo came to the U.K from Nigeria. He was feeling persecution after being imprisoned and tortured due to his sexuality. When he came to the U.K seeking asylum he was placed in Home Office accommodation but experienced further persecution from

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Young people learning in the classroom

Building Confidence to Find Employment

Although many job opportunities have dropped off during lockdown, some exciting partnerships are still forming to help get those most in need into employment. The Endorphins Group, Nomad Opening Doors and Engie have partnered together to support people who are facing homelessness to become happy, healthy, and more employable. This partnership will allow Nomad’s clients

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Social Work Students Shine at Nomad

When I was at college, I wanted to be a teacher, so I went to University to study English and History, expecting to take my PGCE and teach secondary school or 6th form. I got some work experience in a school before taking my qualification and realised it wasn’t for me, I wanted more variety

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