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Moving in and Moving up

Antoni came to Nomad after living on the streets, it was clear to the team he was in a bad way. When he came in for his initial assessment, he many of his belongings had been stolen from other street people. Nomad have supported his journey for over 12 months and have successfully helped him

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“At Least you Weren’t on the Street.”

When people speak about homelessness in Sheffield, they often picture the people that they encounter in the street. However, for me my version of homelessness was sleeping on someone’s living room floor, relying on stranger’s kindness. When people hear this the common reaction is at least you weren’t on the street, it can’t have been

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Danny’s Sofa-Surfing Story

Danny came to Nomad while sofa surfing and unemployed. Now he has sustained a tenancy and has a full time job. Danny was just one of 71,400 hidden homeless people who sofa-surfed in 2019. People are classed as sofa-surfing when they have no other option than to sleep on sofas or floors. It’s a very

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