Finding happiness in foraging

We can all be guilty of putting people in boxes, sometimes. Sometimes we think of someone as a colleague, and forget they are runner, a painter, a football fan. Sometimes we look at Olympians only as athletes, not brothers, sisters, jokers, or music lovers. Sometimes we define someone as homeless, and not as an artist, a student, or a friend.

At Nomad Opening Doors part of our work is to change people’s perceptions of homelessness, who it affects and who our clients really are. Our tenants are more than just their housing situation, they are people with interests, families, pasts, passions and getting to share in all of these aspects of their lives is wonderful.

This week one of our Housing Officers had a great chat with Dyzek, who was excited to share his knowledge of foraging. He used to spend his childhood foraging and feels that getting back to this past-time will improve his mental health. You don’t need mountains and forests to forage in, Dyzek told Nomad, he is rekindling this passion right here in the city centre.

Dyzek has been able to find wild mushrooms and berries here in the centre. He has also found roots and herbs which have helped him rediscover another passion, pickling veg.
Dyzek’s favourite is a recipe for pickled pumpkin, which he has promised to share with our team when it is ready. Our Housing Team wer
e delighted to share this passion with him and find out more about Dyzek as a person, not just his housing needs.

Finding out more about our clients and helping them find meaningful activities is at the heart of our goal to help people transition out of homelessness. To help them find their way back towards being an artist, a sister, a football fan and not just a homeless person.

Handful of berries


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