Local Businesses help Nomad create A Home for the Holidays

Businesses from across Sheffield have come together to help Nomad Opening Doors with their Home for the Holidays campaign. Sainsbury’s, Asda, Dunelm, Co-op and Price Check have all made donations to the charity to ensure that tenants have enough food, bedding, and toiletries this winter.

“This year has been different to anything that has gone before, but what hasn’t changed is the kindness and generosity of our local community. Our partner businesses have ensured that our tenants have more than just a place to stay this Christmas, they have a home.” Laura Baker, Nomad Opening Doors Fundraiser was delighted to be working with so many local businesses and hopes more will follow suit.

“We want local businesses to know that they can make a real difference to people facing homelessness this holiday season, through donations, volunteering and awareness raising. Any small contribution could be the difference between someone being on the streets and having a home.”

These donations have ensured that Nomad have been able to provide regular food parcels to their tenants this winter. What is so important is that these food parcels are more than just bare essentials, businesses have donated luxury items as well, so that Nomad’s tenants can enjoy some festive cheer. In addition to artificial Christmas Trees and decorations, businesses have donated new bedding sets and duvets, so tenants can feel at home when they move into a Nomad property over the holidays.

To find out more about the Home for the Holidays campaign visit nomadsheffield.co.uk/blog or call 0114 321 0262

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