Nomad’s First Property Purchase

A Milestone in our Mission to Combat Homelessness

Sheffield-based charity, Nomad Opening Doors celebrates a major milestone in its mission to combat homelessness with the full acquisition of its first property. This landmark purchase in Handsworth, East Sheffield, signals a significant stride in Nomad’s ongoing commitment to providing access to quality, affordable housing.

Nomad, known for managing properties rather than ownership, has expanded its reach with this property acquisition. This move towards property ownership grants Nomad newfound stability in managing its housing portfolio and expands its capacity to support vulnerable individuals.

Beyond housing provision, Nomad empowers tenants with ongoing intensive support and resources, crucial for preventing future homelessness. Through tailored support services, Nomad aims to break the cycle of homelessness and facilitate long-term stability for its clients.

CEO Steve Rundell sums up Nomad’s ethos, stating, “At Nomad, we believe that everyone deserves a place to call home. Our recent property acquisition is more than just a physical asset; it embodies our commitment to empowering individuals to overcome homelessness and chart brighter futures for themselves.” This is expected to be the first of many property purchases, with the second planned for later in 2024.

Nomad’s ‘Compassionate Housing Project’ exemplifies its vision for a community where every individual finds a safe and nurturing home. For further details about Nomad and its transformative initiatives, visit or reach out to [email protected].

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