Piper’s Story

Part of our celebration of LGBTQ+ lives and history

Piper, a trans-woman, came to Nomad to flee her situation at home in which her relationship with her parents had deteriorated and she no longer felt able to stay at home with her family.

To help Piper focus on the future she was set up with our dedicated asset coach, who worked with Piper to look ahead to what she wanted for herself. Piper was incredibly headstrong, with clear-cut goals set in her mind. She would often attend coaching sessions with drawn up plans, outlining what she wanted to achieve in her life. During these sessions, our coach was able to help her realise that one of her long-term goals was to run her own LGBTQ+ club nights. However, she also felt that in the meantime wanted to learn more about herself through volunteering with local LGBTQ+ organisations who would benefit from her experiences.

Despite Piper’s perceived confidence, it became apparent to her asset-coach that she had ups and downs with her mental health. Piper spoke of a time she attempted suicide and how she had been in a very dark place because of her family breakdown. But she stressed that she was now trying to focus on the positive aspects of her life, so that she could make changes for the better. Piper worked with our asset-coach to focus on what kind of employment might help her focus on those positives and how employment could affect positive change, and Piper realised helping others was where she wanted to focus.

After a successful stay in our training flats and working closely with her asset-coach, Piper eventually moved into a property with her brother and found employment within the care sector, stating how happy she was to be helping others within her local community.

Piper is one of many young people who might have ended up sleeping rough and becoming a victim of homelessness had Nomad not been there to help her deal with her mental health, find suitable accommodation and help set her on a more stable path.

There are 1000’s of people like Piper in the UK in need of secure, safe, affordable accommodation. Nomad is here to open doors for them wherever we can.

Please help us to help more people like Piper by giving a donation to Nomad Opening Doors.

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