Postcode Neighbourhood Trust Funding for Nomad

Homelessness and mental health are two words that coincide with one another. The uncertainty of having nowhere to sleep and nowhere to call a home can cause many to drop into a state of anxiety and depression. Nomad, a small Sheffield based charity works closely with their clients to provide the wrap around support needed to improve mental health, alongside the security of long term accommodation. 59% of clients identify as having some mental health issues when they come to Nomad. 

At the heart of Nomad’s support system are housing officers, who work with clients once they are in Nomad’s shared accommodation. The housing officers provide a high standard of holistic support to clients, allowing clients to come to terms with their experiences. Clients are able to achieve meaningful outcomes in educational opportunities, employment or by accessing counselling sessions. 

 The Postcode Neighbourhood Trust has provided Nomad with a grant allowing them to continue providing these services. The Postcode Neighbourhood Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery. They have allowed for the housing officers to gain more training in mental health to enable them to support clients further. The funding has also allowed for flexibility for the charity to provide more counselling sessions with specialist councillors allowing for greater support for clients who suffer from PTSD and other cognitive mental health issues. 

We would like to say a huge thankyou to each and every player of the People’s Postcode Lottery as without you the grants wouldn’t be able to be provided to charity’s like Nomad.  

Without funding from charity’s like the Postcode Neighbourhood Trust, Nomad wouldn’t be able to provide this much needed service to Sheffield. Over the Past year Nomad have provided 16,790 nights of accommodation, this wouldn’t have been possible without the funding and donations we receive. 

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