Robert’s New Rhythm

When Robert first came to us, he seemed down, battling with his mental health. After getting him settled into supported accommodation, we thought it would be good for him to pick up a productive hobby. He mentioned how much he’d like to learn to play the accordion, but he didn’t know where to start or how to afford lessons. 

Seeing how enthusiastic he was about it, we decided to step in and help. Nomad found a teacher who specialised in working with neurodiverse students and covered the cost of lessons. 

Since Robert started his lessons, he has been noticeably happier. He’s got a new energy and confidence that wasn’t there before. A huge difference was made from something as simple as finding a new passion and having people supporting him along the way. 

We’re proud to have helped Robert uncover his talents and find joy in music, and we couldn’t be more pleased with his progress. 

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