Sarah’s Story

Sarah was referred to Nomad from another homeless charity in Sheffield. They said she was ‘difficult’ and ‘disengaged’, they felt she would do better with the long-term support Nomad could offer. 

Sarah was moved into our Training Flats and given one to one support by one of our Housing Officers. They were able to develop a close relationship with Sarah and gain her trust. They soon found that being disengaged and difficult were both defence mechanisms for the fear which Sarah felt. She never talked about her past but seemed to be afraid that if she opened herself up to someone, they would only let her down and leave her.  

Our housing team have worked hard on gaining her trust and helping her to develop her confidence. It has been important to find a relationship which works for both Sarah and her Housing Officer, Sarah struggles with authority and she and her support team have learned coping mechanisms together. Helping Sarah to understand her relationship with and understanding of rules has improved dramatically and the housing team have taken their lead from Sarah in how best to support her. 

Over time Sarah felt ready to engage with our Progression and Development Officer and try something new. A self-confessed animal lover, Sarah began volunteering with a dog kennel. At first it was just one afternoon a week, but over time her confidence grew and so did her skills, Sarah felt she was ready for the next step. 

She was able to take this step with Nomad’s support, she moved from the Training Flats into one of our shared houses. Here she could receive regular visits from her housing officer and well as learn the skills she would need to live independently. She was responsible for paying her rent and bills on time and ensuring she kept her weekly appointments with her housing officer as well as increasing her volunteer hours. 

With this new home came newfound confidence and a new passion to do more. Sarah wanted to build on her voluntary experience and learn more. Our Asset Coach was able to help her with an application to college and she was soon accepted to study Veterinary Nursing, she has already passed her first assessments and is loving her course. 
Usually, tenants stay in our Training Flats for 6 months, before moving into shared accommodation which is closely managed by Nomad, with support in place, but more independence for our tenants. However, after 6 months Sarah and her Housing Officer decided that she was not ready for this transition, it has been decided she will stay in the Training Flat until she is ready to move on. 
The long-term accommodation which Nomad provides allows our clients to make long-term plans and achieve long-term goals. Sarah could not focus on what she might be doing in 3 months when staying in short term accommodation. But now she is looking years ahead, to a home of her own and a successful career. Nomad have not only given Sarah a home, but she skills she needs to ensure she will never face homelessness again. 
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