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Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness” aims to empower individuals by offering stable housing and ongoing support for financial stability. 

In our community, many individuals experience homelessness due to unforeseen challenges such as relationship breakdowns, family issues, or sudden job loss—circumstances that could impact anyone. 

Through services like housing assistance, employability training, and application support, we guide our clients towards independence. Funds raised directly finance these efforts, aiding the transition out of homelessness. Together, we can support those in need, providing them with the foundation to build a future free from the cycle of homelessness. 

The money raised will go towards our close work with tenants to identify skills and aspirations, tailoring training programs accordingly. We’ve successfully assisted individuals in fields like HGV driving, landscaping, security guarding, taxi driving, and beautician roles. However, employment often incurs significant costs such as licensing fees and training expenses. Funds raised would help us to expand this support. Our aim is to establish a solid foundation where individuals can achieve financial stability and rebuild their lives. 

Your donation today will directly fund these essential resources. Together, let’s create lasting stability in our community. Every contribution matters—because everyone deserves stability.

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