Trustee Vacancy

The duties of Trustees associated with Board meetings include –

  • Reading all Board papers and liaising with the Nomad CEO and Finance Manager to ensure clear understanding of all related papers prior to meetings.
  • Attendance at meetings, contributing to discussions around such matters as business planning, marketing, communications development, fundraising, budgeting and cashflow forecasting, staffing and any other related staff issues.
  • Supporting the Chair, Nomad CEO and Finance Manager to implement strategy and develop the organisation for the benefit of our client group in Sheffield and beyond.

Other duties –

Board members and CEO have a very active and supportive relationship. As such Board members are sent regular updates and documents to read and comment on in between meetings. Trustees need to be able to response to those with comments and suggestions in a timely fashion.

Away days –

While the current pandemic has prevented any face to face meetings, the full Board are also usually asked to attend an annual away day where such matters as strategic development, organisational risk, a project development can be reviewed in a  relaxed, creative and inspirational way. Such away days also offer the opportunity to team build.

While there is no obligation to commit any further time than that detailed above, many Trustees also give their time occasionally to social events (circumstance permitting) such as an after work beer or a fundraising quiz night both to support the organisation and also to promote team building and team cohesion.

The most important attributes we consider to be –

Nomad is a growing organisation. We have a very ambitious SMT and an equally ambitious Board of skilled directors. As such, roles within the Board might grow with time.

We hold no formalised Person Specification detailing what we require of a prospective Trustee/Director.

  • commitment to the aims and objectives of Nomad
  • a willingness to meet the minimum time requirement
  • integrity
  • strategic vision
  • good, independent judgement
  • an ability to think creatively
  • a willingness to speak their mind
  • an understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship or a willingness to undergo training
  • an ability to work effectively as a member of a team and to take decisions for the good of Nomad
  • energy and enthusiasm for the role

The Board of Trustees collectively needs skills and experience in the following areas

  • financial management, income generation and enterprise
  • property management
  • governance
  • marketing
  • local voluntary sector
  • digital strategy
  • trading subsidiaries and social enterprise
  • human resource management
  • volunteering management and brokerage
  • funding/foundations
  • Event management
  • collaborative partnerships 
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