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Are you looking for accommodation?

Nomad’s SmartSteps programme helps single people aged 18-35 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to move into shared private rented accommodation. We work closely with landlords to place clients in suitable shared properties and we ensure that clients receive support to sustain their tenancies.

SmartSteps is for people who are not in priority need.

Our clients are not owed a housing duty and so have no option other than to rent privately. However, they face barriers to accessing accommodation because there is a serious shortage of property available to people in receipt of housing benefit.

How can Smartsteps help me?

There are two routes into shared accommodation on offer within our SmartSteps programme. The level of support you need will determine which route is best for you. We will carry out an assessment and from there we will decide with you the best way forward.

Everyone has to attend pre-tenancy workshop before being offered a property.



We work with a housing association to provide two-bed shared houses for people who need a little more support before they move into private rented.

Is this right for me?

This might be appropriate for you if:

  • This is your first tenancy.
  • You have had a previous tenancy which has failed possibly due to rent arrears or lack of support.

You may be offered a housing association property which you will share with one other person. You will be asked to sign a licence agreement that lasts for up to six months. A licence agreement means that if you do not adhere to the rules set you can be asked to leave the property with 28 days’ notice.

During this period you will have support from our Housing and Support Officer who will visit you weekly to check that you are ok and to find out if you need help with anything. 

You will also receive support from our Progression and Development Officer, who will help you to find work, enrol in further education, access training or take part in a hobby you enjoy. 

Once we are confident that you will be able to sustain a tenancy, we will help you access shared, private rented accommodation. We will help you to find the accommodation and we will help with the change of circumstances for your housing benefit. Your new landlord will offer you a minimum of a 6 month assured shorthold tenancy agreement.



We work with Four Trees Lettings to find long term homes for people in shared, privately rented accommodation.

Is this right for me?

To be considered for these properties, we must be satisfied that:

  • You will need minimal support.
  • You already have some understanding of how to maintain your tenancy.

We will offer help to find a room in a shared house in private rented accommodation. 

You will receive pre-tenancy workshop to make sure you have the skills to sustain your tenancy. Once you move in, you will receive 3 months resettlement support. 

Your new landlord will offer you a minimum of a 6 month assured shorthold tenancy agreement. 

You will receive support to complete your housing benefit/Universal Credit application if applicable.

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