A Home for the Holidays

Nomad knows that while the holidays can be a time for celebration, they can also be a time of desperation. Relationships come under strain and break down; young people can find themselves homeless when conditions outdoors are at their worst. The period from Diwali to New Year’s Day can be the busiest time of year for the Nomad team.

That is why Nomad Opening Doors has launched the Home for the Holidays campaign. To raise awareness of their services and to raise funds to help find homes for those in need. This campaign is running from Diwali to New Year’s Day and hopes to raise £2,000 to help those who need us most. Young adults like Rufus*, who was made homeless during the holidays.

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Just after Christmas 2019 Rufus came to Nomad after being kicked out of his parents’ house. He had come out as gay and his family relationship had broken down. Nomad provided Rufus with a home, in one of our Training Flats, where he could learn the skills he would need to live independently.

He settled into the Training Flats quickly but suffered considerably from mental health problems. Nomad was able to refer him to an Asset Coach where Rufus explored his strengths, his dreams and his aspirations for the future – which was to one day move to Sweden to teach English. His Asset Coach found him a Swedish learning resource and within a matter of weeks, Rufus was speaking complex Swedish sentences with confidence and flair. With this new confidence, Rufus completed his personal statement and applied for a place at university – which was successful. After a few months, Rufus had established himself within a happy loving relationship and was preparing to move into university accommodation.With his home secured and a plan for his future in place, Rufus was able to start rebuilding his relationship with his father – he is hoping to see his family this Christmas, if COVID-19 allows.

There are so many young adults like Rufus throughout our city, those who have found themselves at risk of homelessness because of family breakdowns. This time of year, they can come under even greater strain. That is why we have launched our Home for the Holidays campaign, to ensure that no one is homeless during this time of celebration.

To donate £5 text Nomad to 70085 or visit our campaign page here.

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