Abeo’s Story

Warning: This article may be a trigger for survivors of sexual violence or human trafficking.

Abeo came to the U.K from Nigeria. He was feeling persecution after being imprisoned and tortured due to his sexuality. When he came to the U.K seeking asylum he was placed in Home Office accommodation but experienced further persecution from other tenants. Just when he thought he had found safety, Abeo was discriminated against because of both his sexuality and the effects his time in prison had on his mental health.

It was decided that Abeo would benefit from the support offered in Nomad’s training flats. And he was moved in shortly after being referred. Working with our Asset Coach and his Housing Officer, he quickly gained the confidence and skills needed to find work. He felt this was the best route back to self-belief and rebuilding his confidence.

Ideally Abeo wanted to get into care work, helping those who had experienced similar trauma to himself. Unfortunately, due to a blemish on his DBS record this type of work is not possible. Abeo also has a passion surrounding nutrition and the physical and mental benefits of eating healthily. Our team were able to signpost Abeo to organisations where he could put his knowledge to good use, just has we began to explore this possibility, lockdown came. Abeo has spent this time focusing on his mental health, as well as eating healthy this past year. He is hopeful that when lockdown ends he has the option to dip into these organisations in the future and turn his passion into a career.

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