What A Year So Far….

There have been many changes within the Nomad Offices over the past months. New staff, students starting placements and students completing placements, lots of coming and going and the team going from strength to strength.

The start to the changes was as Nomad and Four Trees Lettings Agency began to expand, making the need for a Lettings Administrator came to the forefront of the management team’s mind. Christina applied and came in for her interview, passing this with flying colours, she seemed the perfect fit. Christina started with us in December of 2021, becoming the first point of call for all our landlords supporting Cara in the private rented sector. Christina instantly became part of the team, and it became like she had been with us forever. 

Shortly after Christina started with us, it was time to say goodbye to me (Nicole), a social work master’s student from Sheffield Hallam. I had been with Nomad since September and had became a strong member of the team working alongside Cara, Mary, Laura and Jody under the watchful eye of Karen our head of services. My placement was successful and I was upset to be leaving such a lovely working environment and team, however this wasn’t to be for long.  

Christmas came and the festive period was very busy for all our staff. Adverts for three new roles were circulating. Four Trees Lettings needed a Lettings Negotiator, Nomad needed a finance and administrative assistant and cover for Laura B our communications and fundraising coordinator, who was due to go onto maternity at the end of January.  These posts were advertised, and many applications were received. 

The first post to be appointed was the maternity cover for the communications and fundraising coordinator. I (Nicole) filled the position. I worked alongside Laura learning the ropes. Laura gave birth to her little girl towards the end of February! A massive congratulations! I was able to cover the role, blending back into the team as though I had never been away.

At this point a college student Tanya joined us learning skills for her future under the wing of Mary. Tanya instantly became part of the team and was sad to leave us when her placement came to an end in March.

Next to join the team was Mark. Who was interviewed for the Four Trees Lettings negotiator, Mark joined and filled the gap that had been in the four trees team. Mark settled into his role and was able to support Cara with the Four Trees Tenants and work to strengthen our relationships with our landlords. 

Hannah and Isabel joined the team as our first ever Occupational Therapist students giving Nomad a new view on OT’s and how they could support our clients. Hannah and Isabel worked tirelessly to increase our client’s mental health and wellbeing, engaging them in new hobbies and allowing for exciting new experiences.

The team was working determinedly to keep Nomad and Four Trees running smoothly, all the while Karen and Steve were having bigger conversations about something more exciting and bigger that would soon be reviled.

Aurora took over the post of Finance and Admin Assistant to compete the team here at Nomad and Four Trees. Aurora settled in, learning the ropes, and getting comfortable with the team, shortly after this Jake and Gaby two Social Work and Learning Disability Students joined the team. The caused for a very busy time in our smaller offices. Both Gaby and Jake took off to a great start, with Jake managing a property alongside supporting tenants in our training flats, Gaby followed and was able to support her tenants in the private rented sector.

It them came time to say goodbye to Hannah and Isobel as their placements came to an end, Nomad wishes Hannah and Isabel both the best in their future. Jake was the next to complete his successful placement, going the extra mile for Nomad. Jake was exactly like part of the team, and the team were sad to see him leave but happy to see him further himself in his career.

It was then, the exciting news that Nomad would purchase Clarity Lettings, a family-based lettings agency to allow for financial support for Nomad. This was a big decision, and the board of trustees all support the choice that Karen and Steve had made. During this time Mark moved onto pastures new, Nomad were sorry to see Mark go, but understood Marks choices and wish him the very best in his future.

Well, it has definitely been a busy few months with lots of changes. But here is to the next few months of more exciting changes and new ways of working. The team are all looking forward to getting their hands on clarity and working together to ensure a smooth transition, alongside their normal day to day duties at Nomad.


The next change will be myself leaving as Laura returns from her maternity leave. I honestly don’t think there will ever be a team like the one here at Nomad and Four Trees lettings were everyone just fits in and works. It has been such a lovely experience working for the charity which provides much needed support to people who are at risk or facing homelessness whilst also working with such a good team and group of people.

I say goodbye for now, but not forever….

Nicole x

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